entering the portal...


welcome on board!


let's go on a journey... into the vast dimensions of the soul

I am Abby, your tour guide.
Today we’re travelling into
the most exciting of all the places there is:
the astrological world of the human psyche!
The language of the stars is a powerful tool to understand the inner dimensions of a person.
A natal chart provides a road map
to understand oneself better.

road map of the soul embark on a journey into yourself.

Let’s explore inner worlds
Astrology offers us guidance, clarity and perspective –
even on the darkest of days.
Call it soul evolution.
Call it personal development.
Call it inner growth.
Whatever phrase you choose:
the ancient art of astrology supports, guides and empowers you through it.

SOUL MAP ASTROLOGY & ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY May we return to the land of our soul

Every mind is its own universe

let's travel inside

Astrology is a huge field.
I focus on:
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