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the fire fairy behind this set-up Howdie!
This is Abby, your cosmic tour guide.

Aries Sun
Fire Moon +
Fire Ascendent.

Yes, my big three are in fire signs.


Hey mate, nice you found your way here.

Look, ever since I found out about astro-geography… I was intrigued by it.
It shines a new light unto your natal chart and brings a new lens on pre-existing cosmic conditions, so to speak.

I am home to the world and have always seen myself as a global citizen.

“Where are you from?” is a question that I genuinely hate.

You mean, where is my family from? As in, genetically?
Or do you mean, where I was born or where I grew up? They are two different locations.

Or, where my soul comes from?

Dude, I am a free spirit hanging out in a human body –
please don’t make me decide for only one place on this beautiful earth.

I was born in a country far, far away.
Exactly those kinds of stories, when everything was nice & sweet, but then politics happened.

We came to Germany when I was 2 years old.

I left my hometown in South Germany when I was 19, so I can explore life in Berlin.

Went abroad here and there, spent 3 years in Mexico, quite a few-long term stays in Spain, travelled through Asia and so on.

After my first Saturn Return, I could look back at 20+ countries visited.

Long story in short:

I feel at home in many places.Parts of me are from those places.
This is why I love astro-geography.

Along the way I have learned that
it’s not about leaving home; it’s about expanding home.

I guess, I’ve been travelling because I was eager to find out, what life is about. I’ve always been on a quest to understand,  that there must be more to life than ‘this’.


Then astrology came along my way.

The ancient art of Astrology has helped me immensely to make sense of my inner dilemmas (hi Saturn!) and understanding my psychological dynamics that drive me subconsciously.
(Chiron – South Node Conjunction anyone?)
I have learned to unapologetically accept, honor and respect myself  –
and I have had the pleasure to help others to do the same.
I strongly believe in the medicine of astrology and further,
I strongly believe in the medicine of taking conscious choices towards a better and healthier life.
Life is not only what happens to us, life is also what we make out of the circumstances we get to experience.

Most of my life I was on the inner quest that

‘there must be more to life, this place is a circus.’

Yes, Chiron in the 12th house speaking.

This metaphysical craft has shifted my perspective on many things and now I feel the call to bring personal birth chart readings to a new and deeper level. ♡
Sharing this beautiful work with the world means a big step towards
the healing of the collective.
Yes, life can be an asshole, and sometimes it feels like the Gods created this place out of sadistic tendencies, but we do have the opportunity to work things out and step out of our cycle of bullshit. Yes, we live in a cruel and unjust world, but we also do have choices.
May we use them for the good of all.
When life gives you lemons, get some salt and make a nice, potent exfoliation wellness ritual out of it to scrub off all the old shit that is dead and unuseful!

a bit about my astrological background

my sun, moon & rising are all in fire signs. yes, a lot of fire, I know.
I will say what needs to be said.
intellectualize and dicuss everything.
Thanks to this placement, I sincerly care about how to live the good life! let's find a sweet energy to have closeby. ♡
JUPITER in the 12th house.
Spiritual dimensions feel like home
SATURN in the 6th house.
mastering the art of healthy habits
URANUS in Capricon
NEPTUNE in Capricorn
PLUTO in Scorpio generation.

my heart beats for the healing of the collective

which is why I love to dig deep in generational topics as well.

the planets written in white are so called generational planets that influence us on a much larger scale than the personal planets Venus and so on.
forming the unique persona on the stage of life.

if you want to learn more about the whole background of the topics I dedicate to, please check out my blog here:


want to dive deeper in this ancestral knowledge?

let's travel inside

Astrology is a huge field.
I focus on:


Tell me a bit about yourself !

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mostly between Heidelberg, Germany and Barcelona
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