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inner & outter journeysAstro Sessions

natal chart readings & geo- astrology

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Astrology is a huge field.
I focus on:

Astrology as a mirror of the inner self A road map to the soul

What is the core of your being?

How can you understand yourself better and navigate life in a more focused way?

How can you support yourself more efficiently?

Which life path is in alignment with your cosmic blueprint?

“I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”

– Hafiz

bringing clarity into what you intuitively know. The cosmic blueprint of your very being

In order to calculate your birth chart, I will need:

– day and exact time of birth

– place of birth

– some information about your current situation and, if you have, specific questions for the reading


Astrology offers us guidance, clarity and perspective -
even on the darkest of days.

-the nature of your character
-your emotional needs
-your appearance in the world & perspective
-your mental processes
-what you need in relationships to feel and build connection
-subconscious patterns
-your talents such as lessons to learn
-what your physical body needs

integration and embodimentHolistic integration of a natal charts lessons

deep dive in your natal chart

I care about a holistic approach towards mental well-being,

so we meet again to open the space for you to talk about how you’ve been after the reading.

Which topics stayed with you, where do you see that you need to dig deeper?


for the digital nomads and global citizensGeographic Astrology

international peeps, this is for you!

In short, geo-astrology is a tool that provides us another layer of astrological understanding.

We look at two main aspects: the relocation chart and the planetary lines across the world, also called astro-cartography.



In this global world, we relocate.

We go abroad to study or to work…

Politics make us leave our place of birth and so many times, we grow up somewhere else.

We are home in different places and, between different cultures.

Fellow migrant kids, you are welcome in this place.

Dubai or Dublin? Berlin or Barcelona? If you’re planning to move your homebase and different places are calling you -
astro-geography can help you out with this major life decision!

Astro-cartography is perfect for you, if you are:

a) either a digital nomad / perpetual traveller / or any other fancy description for working remotely and having the ability to choose where you work from.

Or, you seek clarity on your current location because

b) you have already moved away from your place of birth for various reasons – no matter if it was for work, marriage or simply a “why not” thing to do so.

c) if you are an immigrant child, like so many amongst us –  you spent the majority of your life in another place than the one you were born in.

Ancestral trauma of forced relocation is seen here. ♡

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