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PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGYIntegration of soul lessons

Time to talk, breathe and move on...

integration and embodiment.sitting with your natal chart is a whole journey for itself.

we dig up profound topics and shine a light on subconscious patterns.

deep dive in your natal chart

Even though we can cover a lot during a 90 minute session, there is still so much to explore !

There are things we need to evolve away from, there are things we need to accept and learn how to work with it. There are qualities that we master over time and aspects of ourselves we need to improve. 

Astrology is empowering, yes. But it is also a mirror.

Natal chart readings are a wonderful tool to dig deeper in your shadow work. It is a highly triggering process (hi Pluto!) – and immensely liberating. I know exactly how intense it can get to sit with your own chart. Unpacking profound topics takes time and integrating all the lessons of understanding your cosmic road map takes entire lifetimes.

For this reason, I offer the deep dive bundle.

This gives us the time to honestly explore your

– if you speak astro –

Saturn, Pluto, Chiron & the nodes –

such as planets in the 4th, 8th or 12th house.

Yeah, the fun stuff.

Of course we need to vibe together for this amount of work so we can have a 15 min call to see if it fits.

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