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A ROADMAP TO EXPLORE INNER WORLDSancient wisdom of a cosmic language

Astrology brings clarity in what we intuitively already know.

It shines a light on the path we’re walking and shows us perspectives beyond repeating behaviour loops.

By looking at a natal chart, we take a look at

– the nature of your character
– emotional needs and mental health
– your appearance in the world
– your mental processes
– what you need in relationships to build meaningful connections
– what your physical body needs
– subconscious patterns
– your talents and competence
– struggles and lessons to learn
– accepting and flowing through life – in all its colours.

An astrological reading is a ticket to deeper self-understanding.

It is the tool to enhance shadow work and look at inner patterns and outer consequences.

“You yourself are your own obstacle –
rise above yourself.”

the cosmic blueprint of your very beinga journey into the soul

I offer astrological consultations because I firmly believe in the medicine within.

This ancient language of the stars has helped me so many times in life to see the deeper meaning behind the chaotic spectacles of life. Even on the darkest days, it allows us to gain guidance, clarity and a holistic perspective.

The planets are in a constant movement. It’s a never-ending dance in the skies.

Imagine your natal chart being like a picture of the position of the planets at the moment you were born.
This picture was put like a sticker on you, and now you embody the very interactions of the planets.

Our birth chart is simply the cosmic translation of our life force. It is the representation of what others would call karma, soul purpose or life meaning. The term astrology comes from Greek: ‘astro’ meaning ‘star’ and ‘logy’ comes from the term ‘logos’, which means ‘word, language or logic’. Consequently, if we put this together, we can translate astrology as ‘language of the stars’.

The book of life already has a main story, and a professional astrologer helps you to translate these streams of energy that you intuitively feel anyway. Subconscious influences are illuminated and brought into the waking consciousness. The alchemical gnosis ‘as within, so without’ is a direct homage to our astrological disposition. Astrology is not a religion or a belief system – it is a form of empowerment, amplification of inner growth and personality studies.

Call it soul evolution.
Call it personal development.
Call it inner growth.
Whatever phrase you choose, the ancient art of astrology supports, guides and empowers you through it.
It is a tool to understand the dynamics of life;
A language to translate the inner into the outer world.
It helps us to illuminate the important dynamics, rather than losing our energy on dealing with the what, where and why questions of life.

‘I don’t believe in astrology’ is equivalent to ‘I don’t believe in the sun or the moon’.
They have been around since the beginning of time and they will not cease to do so.

Every sailor knows that the water levels rise with the full moon, while the new moon lowers the sea levels.

Humans (who might cease to be, contrary to the celestial bodies) are strongly influenced by the astrological activities –

whether one is aware of it or not.


the secret & the sacred are sisters.only the brave ...

sitting with the difficult aspects of your chart... shadow work, anyone?

Even though we can cover a lot during a 90 minute session, there is still so much to explore !

There are things we need to evolve away from, there are things we need to accept and learn how to work with it. There are qualities that we master over time and aspects of ourselves we need to improve. 

Astrology is empowering, yes. But it is also a mirror.

Natal chart readings are a wonderful tool to dig deeper in your shadow work. It is a highly triggering process (hi Pluto!) – and immensely liberating. I know exactly how intense it can get to sit with your own chart. Unpacking profound topics takes time and integrating all the lessons of understanding your cosmic road map takes entire lifetimes.

For this reason, I offer the deep dive bundle.

This gives us the time to honestly explore your

– if you speak astro –

Saturn, Pluto, Chiron & the nodes –

such as planets in the 4th, 8th or 12th house.

Yeah, the fun stuff.

pricingone session - 130 €
three sessions - 360€

relocation reading

If you are financially in a difficult situation, but feel the call to do a reading, please send me a message and we’ll see what we can do!

Each session is 90 minutes and done via Zoom.

I consciously do not record the readings.

Recording a session low-key tells the brain to be less attentive, since ‘you can re-watch it anytime’.

Experience has shown that the deepest learnings stay with you and, what you need to hear is what will come through!

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