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RELOCATION + ASTROCARTOGRAPHYAs a tour guide I love to travel...

But not only into the depths of the human soul by looking at astrological patterns,
but also to different places of the earth.

Have you ever heard of geo-astrology?
well, now you did.

In short, geo-astrology is a tool that provides us another layer of astrological understanding.

certain places are calling you for a reason!Energy lines &
the soul's road map

RELOCATION + ASTROCARTOGRAPHYlearn about your cosmic connection
with different locations

In a geo-astrology session, we look at these major components in combination:


-the relocation chart.

But, of course, always in relation to your natal chart!


but what exactly is astro-cartography?

Your natal chart determines where in the world which planet is active.

Do you know this feeling, when everybody is telling you how cool a certain place is?
And then you arrive there, and you just… don’t feel it?

Congratulations, you might have relocated to an energy line that brings difficult aspects with it.

There are planetary lines flowing through the global map. Imagine it like Mother Earth being the planetary body – and just like the human body disposes over meridians, or energy lines, the planet does, too.

And no, I am not talking about Earth chakras or such.

I refer to the individual characteristics of planetary energy lines, covering our beautiful home planet.

“This place where you are right now,
God circled on a map for you.”
- Hafiz

what is a relocation chart ?

No matter if you an immigrant child like me, moved to a new country for your work or wish to go abroad:

When we relocate, our life changes.

Our chart does, too.

Yes, your natal chart will eternally remain your natal chart:
Your Capricorn Sun will remain a Capricorn Sun – for the whole lifetime.

However, one major shift takes place with moving to a new place: the entire axis of our chart moves.

One example: Let’s say, you were born with an organized and detail-loving Virgo rising. Then you relocate and your appearance in the world may take on a more optimistic colour, being more focused on the big picture, rather than the details.

Why? Because in the relocation chart your Ascendantprobably moved from Virgo to Sagittarius!

Or let’s say, in your natal chart your Moon is placed in the 2nd house –
but in your relocation chart it moves to the 5th house.
This means, your emotional need will move its focus from establishing solid resources,
and rather on expressing your creative talents.
Material possessions and self-worth will remain a major topic for your wellbeing, however they will take on a more artistic, playful essence.

In other words:
a local relocation brings with it an energetical recalibration as well.
The shift of the axis of your chart illuminates new metaphors of natal energies
which will highlight different aspects of your adventurous, beautiful life.

Dubai or Dublin? Berlin or Barcelona? If you’re planning to move your homebase and different places are calling you -
astro-geography can help you out with this major life decision!

Astro-cartography is perfect for you, if you are:

a) either a digital nomad / perpetual traveller / or any other fancy description for working remotely and having the ability to choose where you work from.

Or, you seek clarity on your current location because

b) you have already moved away from your place of birth for various reasons – no matter if it was for work, marriage or simply a “why not” thing to do so.

c) if you are an immigrant child, like so many amongst us –  you spent the majority of your life in another place than the one you were born in.

Ancestral trauma of forced relocation is seen here. ♡


This is probably not for you,
if you still live in the same place where you were born and not plan to move anytime soon.

Astro-Geography is a tool for integrating lessons & qualities of the soul.

A 2-week vacation to an energy line will not be enough to fully integrate the teachings of a planet.

For the best effect of relocating to an energy line, you should stay in the new location for a minimum of 3–6 months.

Sustainability is key here:

First of all, it is more environmentally friendly to stay in a place rather than hopping on a plane every couple of days.

Also, in terms of Astro-cartography, sustainable and long-term integration of cosmic lessons can only come to fruition when we reside on an energy line longer than a few vacation days.

let's travel inside

Astrology is a huge field.
I focus on:


the relocation session already includes a natal chart reading!

Each session is 90 minutes and done via Zoom.


I consciously do not record the readings.

Recording a session low-key tells the brain to be less attentive, since ‘you can re-watch it anytime’. Experience has shown that the deepest learnings stay with you and, what you need to hear is what will come through!

If you are financially in a difficult situation, but feel the call to do a reading, please send me a message and we’ll see what we can do!

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